VITEEE Syllabus 2023: Check Exam Syllabus Here

VITEEE Syllabus 2023: Check Exam Syllabus Here

VITEEE Syllabus 2023: VITEEE is a popular engineering entrance examination organized by VIT University for admission to various engineering courses. This examination will probably be organized in the month of April 2023. Candidates who are willing to appear in this entrance exam can check the syllabus of VITEEE from this page.

By going through the syllabus of the exam, the candidate will be able to analyze which subject /topic is important and it eventually helps them to better study and score well. The authority hasn’t released the official syllabus of VITEEE.

However, it is assumed that the VITEEE 2023 syllabus will be the same as that of previous year exam. The subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Biology and English to be covered in VITEEE syllabus 2023.

Along with syllabus, the aspirants should also practice the previous year sample papers and exam pattern for better preparation. Through this post, candidates can check all important info about VITEEE syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology in detail.

VITEEE Syllabus 2023

There are so many topics and chapters to cover in VITEEE  exam. The questions asked in the examination will be based on state board of Higher Secondary Education and the CBSE syllabus. Candidates should read the NCERT books of class 11th and 12th for the preparation of the VITEEE.

Apart from this, they can also check the reference books of the VITEEE exam that are available based on the syllabus. Candidates can check the syllabus of VITEEE for all subjects from the table below:

Syllabus of VITEEE for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and English

Sl.No Subjects Topics
1 Physics ·         Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power

·         Properties of Matter

·         Electro-statistics

·         Current Electricity

·         Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

·         Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

·         Optics

·         Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics

·         Nuclear Physics

·         Semiconductor Devices and theirApplications

2 Chemistry ·         p,d and f – Block Elements

·         Alcohols and Ethers

·         Atomic Structure

·         Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry

·         Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics

·         Isomerism in Organic Compounds

·         Electro-chemistry

·         Carbonyl Compounds

·         Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules

·         Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives

3 Biology ·         Taxonomy

·         Cell and Molecular Biology

·         Reproduction

·         Genetics and Evolution

·         Human Health and Diseases

·         Biochemistry

·         Plant Physiology

·         Human Physiology

·         Biotechnology and its Applications

·         Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment

4 Mathematics ·         Trigonometry and Complex Numbers

·         Matrices and their Applications

·         Analytical Geometry of Two Dimensions

·         Differential Calculus

·         Vector Algebra

·         Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions

·         Integral Calculus and its Applications

·         Probability Distributions

·         Differential Equations

·         Discrete Mathematics

5 English ·         Comprehension Questions

·         English Grammar and Pronunciation


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