NATA Exam Pattern: Exam Mode, No. of Questions

NATA Exam Pattern: Exam Mode, No. of Questions

For the sake of applicant’s convenience, the exam pattern is given here. It specifies the mandatory details regarding the question paper. The applicants are advised to go through the exam pattern before appearing in the exam paper. The Exam Pattern of NATA comprises the details regarding the time duration, mode, and type of exam paper, a number of questions and a lot more. Read the complete details regarding the NATA Exam Pattern here.

NATA Exam Pattern

There will be two parts of the exam- Part A and Part B. Part A has multiple choice questions only which need to be answered in online mode. Part B questions are to be answered on A4 size drawing sheets. All the questions and instructions will be there in the English language only.

Subjects Involved Marks Distribution Total Marks
Part A
Mathematics (20 Questions) 20 x 2 40
General Aptitude (40 Questions) 40 x 2 80
Part B
Drawing (2 Questions) 2 x 40 80
In Total 200

Mathematics & General Aptitude Test

All the questions will be multiple-choice questions. There will be only one option correct which will lead to 2 marks each. There will be no negative marking in the exam.

Drawing Test

Candidates are given 90 minutes of time in which they have to solve two questions. The drawing aptitude will be evaluated by following the rules given below:

  • Candidates should be capable to sketch a given object proportionately and represent the same in a visually appealing manner;
  • How good you are in perspective drawing;
  • You need to visualize and draw the effect of lights on the object and shadows cast on surroundings;
  • Combining and composing given three-dimensional elements to form a building or structural form;
  • You’ll need to create an interesting two-dimensional composition using the provided shapes and forms;
  • Understanding of scale and proportions;
  • Creating visual harmony using colours in the given composition;
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

Your answer in drawing section will be evaluated by more than one examiner separately and accordingly the marks would be averaged. The examiner will judge your drawing, imagination and observation skills first.

This is a comprehensive overview of NATA exam pattern. Candidates are also suggested to read about NATA syllabus for preparing the exam in a better way.


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